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Yag Lasers

Nd:Yag lasers at 1064nm are some of the most versatile lasers used in hair removal, vascular treatments, tattoo removal, pigmented lesion treatments, skin rejuvenation, toenail fungus and the list goes on.

To do all these different treatments the laser is designed and configured differently. Yag Laser for hair removal and certain vascular lesions, the laser will be confiruerd with a long pulse of 15-30ms or longer.  Vascular lesions may be treated in the range of .25-300ms. Skin rejuvenation and treatment of toenail fungus also have pulse widths in the millisecond regime but can also be treated successfully with a q-switched laser.

The q-switched Nd:Yag laser has a pulse width in the nanosecond regime with systems ranging from 2-10ns and is used primarily for tattoo removal. This laser also has a frequency doubled wavelength of 532nm to treat vascular lesions, red, orange, yellow inks, superficial pigmented lesions to name a few.  The 1064nm wavelength can treat dark ink tattoos, dermal pigmented lesions like nevus of ota, skin rejuvenation, toenail fungus and can be used for hair reduction (it does not have the full long term effect of long pulse but is mush less painful even without cooling)

The newest Nd:Yag lasers are the Picosecond lasers with pulse widths ranging from 450-750ps. These lasers can also have a frequency doubled output of 532nm.  This laser does all the same treatments as the nanosecond cousin. The shorter pulse can reduce treatments needed to remove a tattoo and have shown good results with skin rejuvenation.

Why Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal

Since there are so many systems to choose from here are some of my tips to get the best system to do the job.

You have many choices for the q-switched Nd:Yag laser. No one has produced them longer than ConBio now Cynosure. A used laser is your best bet but make sure you are buying one that can be serviced outside the manufacturer to help keep maintenance and repair costs down.

For long pulse Nd:Yag there are many manufacturers here too with Candela and Cynosure being at the top of the list. Again, used is going be to less expensive but make sure you are buying one that can be serviced outside the manufacturer.

There are now many choices for the picosecond lasers now. They are the most expensive and can only be serviced effectively by the manufacturer so used here is a dicey proposition. One manufacturer gives a 5 year warranty with their system and they also have very competitive specs and the lowest list price that I am aware of Pico laser price

If you are not sure what laser to buy please give me a call or email me so I can help you make the right decision for you.

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