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How to save money on laser repairs and service?

How to save money on laser repairs and service?

Third party medical laser service has been around since the 1990’s to help combat the rising cost of laser ownership. This has allowed more practices to utilize this technology and be able to offer it to their patients.  So now many practices and spa’s are using lasers or IPL’s for medical and cosmetic procedures and these systems require regular maintenance and service to maintain peak performance and safety.  If you are a proud owner of laser or IPL equipment and it is helping you make your customers happy, or you want to buy one, then follow these steps for the longevity of your machine:

  • Buy Used Equipment: In the medical industry, laser equipment is of significant value due to the advancement in technology, it has become a necessity for some dermatologists, cosmetic practices or Spa’s. New laser equipment can cost $100,000 or more depending on the system or technologies, and medical laser repair is not inexpensive. Instead, practices who use medical or cosmetic laser or IPL equipment for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and many other procedures can opt for second-hand equipment with a warranty (A smart move).The features, indication and specifications of the product must be studied in detail by the customer and discussed with Expert Laser Services so we can help you make the best decision for you, not the laser manufacturer.
  • Maintain and clean the equipment regularly: Laser systems need extra care and should be adequately maintained to ensure peak performance and safety. Our advice to the owners of laser equipment will be to maintain and clean the handpiece optics, wipe screen to avoid buildup at corners and edges and to avoid the accumulation of dust. These systems can be damaged easily if not used or secured properly so keep it in a room with restricted entry and get it serviced regularly.
  • Warranties: Expert Laser Services does not usually promote extended warranties except on used equipment sales to the medical industry.  We feel that money can be better used by the customer.  I always recommend putting some budget together for service that will be needed.  Take that money and put it in an interest earning account and draw from it as repairs or service PM’s are required.  That way you will always be ready to keep your equipment in tip top operation and safe for your patients.
  •  Necessary parts and service only: Expert Laser Services does not try to “up sell”.  We replace and provide only the necessary parts and labor your system needs to keep it operating to factory specifications and more importantly all safety features to keep it safe to use on your patients.  This way we can keep saving you money while keeping your system making money for you.


Many problems are solved with just a phone call.  However, If you will follow the instruction manual and keep the system properly serviced, it won’t break down easily. Whether you have bought new or used, Expert Laser Services can usually save you money to keep your system operating safely and to spec.  Lastly, Expert Laser will always give you the best advice on repairs or replacement.

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