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Buy quality used lasers at a fraction of the cost of new

Buy quality used lasers at a fraction of the cost of new

We are all aware of the laser technologies that are being used by the industries in today’s time. The laser is an advancement of technology which has been opted by the medical sector and cosmetic sector of the market. These sectors use laser technologies in various treatments. And hence, laser technology is an integral part of their day to day working. But sometimes it happens that due to lack of funds and financial problems, the people who need this technology cannot buy it. And as a result, they are facing stiff competition by the others in the market. To cope up with this problem and to keep up in pace with the rising competition, a solution to this problem has been found.

The solution is that you can buy second-hand laser equipment that is in good condition and has been refurbished or serviced by qualified engineers to manufacturers specifications . Expert Laser Services will provide you with equipment that meets that level of quality which means you can be sure you are getting a reliable used system.  Expert Laser Services will also provide used laser repairs and service for these systems.


Some of the products that are available with Expert Laser Services are listed below:

  • ConBio RevLite: This is present in a perfectly working condition, along with a 60-day working condition warranty and 1-year warranty is also provided in which you can get laser repair service. The product will cost around $45000, much less in comparison to the new one.
  • Ellman Cortex CO2: Available in impeccable condition and a warranty, the price of the product is $15000. It is beneficial for skin resurfacing.
  • Palomar StarLux 300: The product has been fully serviced, with very less usage and in good condition. It has a 60-day warranty available, and the price of the product is $12000
  • Lumenis XC: The product has been refurbished and is available with one year warranty. The price of the product is around $20000
  • Candela TriVanatge: The product has not been used much and hence has a very low usage feature, it has been refurbished with a 60-day warranty, and also 1-year warranty is available. $32000 is the price of this product.

Hence for the users of laser technology, there are a lot of options available. They can pursue used medical laser purchase to find suitable medical or cosmetic systems for their office at a reasonable price and usually with a  warranty.  This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and will allow you to realize a cash revenue source.


If you are the one who needs laser technology and you do not have enough funds to invest in a new laser machine in that case you need not worry at all. Expert Laser Services has an excellent solution for you as you can invest in the second-hand tools and equipment to continue with their work and hence keep up in pace with the competition by introducing new techniques to their work. So with the help of Expert Laser Services, you can now wave goodbye to all your problems.

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